Are most chiropractors behaving unethically?
Informed consent is an essential ethical precondition for any therapeutic intervention. This obviously cannot exclude alternative medicine. Yet, one gets the impression that alternative therapists systematically ignore informed consent. Chiropractors in the UK, for instance, have been shown to often take this issue more than a little light-heartedly. The General Chiropractic Council (GCC) has issued guidance to its members about informed consent. Here is a passage from their website which I find particularly interesting: The information you provide to the patient must be clear, accurate and presented in a way that the patient can understand... Patients must be fully informed about their care. You must not rely on a patient to ask questions about their care, the responsibility to fully inform patients about their care lies with you. When discussing with patients the expected outcomes of their care, chiropractors must fully discuss the risks as well as the benefits and explore with the