How much of alt med research is unethical?
Medical ethics comprise a set of rules and principles which are essential for all aspects of medicine, including of course research. The main issues are: Respect for autonomy - patients must have the right to refuse or choose their treatments. Beneficence - researchers and clinicians must act in the best interest of the patient. Non-maleficence - the expected benefits of interventions must outweigh their risks. Justice - the distribution of health resources must be fair. Respect for persons - patients must be treated with dignity. Truthfulness and honesty - informed consent is an essential element in research and clinical practice. While all of this has long been fairly standard in conventional health care, it is often neglected in alternative medicine. It is therefore timely to ask, how much of research in the realm of alternative medicine abides by the rules of medical ethics? After more than two decades of involvement in this sector, I have serious and growing concerns. The