BERLIN WALL: homeopathy at its finest
Do you suffer from any of the following conditions/problems? • Feeling of being forsaken and SEPARATION; huge despair. • Oppression (political, family, abuse-sexual, religious, being bullied) and perceiving yourself as victim. • States of possession. • Children of ambitious parents who are pushed. • Caring professions which give rise to burn out and/or brain deadness. • Indescribable evil/darkness. • Not showing anything: MASKS, unsmiling. • Suspicious, uneasy, shifty eyes; cannot look you in the eye. • Hangdog of head, beaten. • Frequent weeping, tears just flow; sense of numbness or despair over them. • Deep grief which cannot be accessed, unspoken, but it hangs in the air. • Depression, sense of blackness, total isolation, aloneness, despair. • Panic, need to escape but can't. TERROR. • Feel brainwashed, lack the courage to break free, unable to break from the past. • Everything will fail; despair of recovery. • Painlessness. • Aggression against yourself. • Impulsivity - anything