The risks of homeopathy?
Surely, homeopathy must be free of adverse-effects! The typically highly diluted remedies contain no active molecules and therefore they cannot possibly cause any harm whatsoever. One could even go one step further and argue that the generally acknowledged absence of side-effects made homeopathy as popular as it is today. Why then did we just publish a systematic review of adverse effects of homeopathy? We conducted searches in 5 electronic databases and also looked through our own, extensive files on homeopathy. This resulted in 38 primary reports of adverse effects associated with the use of homeopathy. The total number of patients thus affected was not small: 1159; 4 fatalities were also reported. Our conclusion was that "homeopathy has the potential to harm patients in both direct and indirect ways". I already hear homeopaths shouting at me: "but this is nothing compare to the millions of patients who suffer side-effects of conventional drugs!" I don't doubt this for a second; our