William Brittelle Interview: The spirit of "genre fluidity" and his latest work "Spiritual America"
Date: 2019 June 10th By Skpe Interviewer: Joe Onishi ーーLet's start from North Carolina, where you were born and grew up. Before you went to Brooklyn. William Brittelle (WB, following) I grew up in a small conservative town in NC, and then moved and went to school in Nashville, Tennessee, where a lot of country music gets made. After that, I moved up to the city for grad school. But I dropped out of grad school after a couple years to play in a band before making my way back into composed music. ーーTell us about your religious background, I heard that you are from quite religiously conservative town. Especially for Japanese readers, it's quite hard to imagine the environment you have coped with it. So can you tell me if there is any sort of restraint or pressure from where you were. WB Yeah. I went to Christian elementary school. You either believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you will be saved by him, or you don't, and then you go to hell, there's a real binary there. I was