Hot Water Freezes Faster than Cold — The Mpemba Effect | Wyly Wade
English: Effects on the temperature to the freezing time, shows the Mpemba effect. Deutsch: Auswirkungen der Temperatur auf die Gefrierdauer. Zeigt den Mpemba-Effect. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Named after Erasto Mpemba, is the assertion that, in some circumstances, warmer water can freeze faster than colder water. Although there is anecdotal support for the effect, there is no agreement on exactly what the effect is and under what circumstances it occurs. There have been reports of similar phenomena since ancient times, although with insufficient detail for the claims to be replicated. The phenomenon seems contrary to intuition, but a number of possible explanations for the effect have been proposed. Further investigations will need to decide on a precise definition of "freezing" and control a vast number of starting parameters in order to confirm or explain the effect. A reviewer for Physics World writes, "Even if the Mpemba effect is real — if hot water can sometimes freeze more