Mean streets of New York or Sharks? | Wyly Wade
The likelihood of being involved in a shark accident is considerably smaller than winning the top prize in lottery. Between 1959 and 2003 1,857 people were struck and killed by lightening alone in the coastal states of the USA. In the same time frame there were 740 shark accidents, 22 of which were fatal. Probability of accidents in water sports activities (USA coastal states, 2000) Number of water sports activities 264,156,728 Deaths caused by drowning 74 Shark accidents 23 Deaths caused by shark accidents 0 Drowning 1 case out of 3.5 millionen water sports activities Shark accidents 1 case out of 11.5 millionen water sports activities Deaths caused by shark accidents 0 out of 264.2 millionen water sports activities Alone in the USA and Canada approximately 40 people are killed each year by pigs – six times more than by sharks worldwide. In Australia the possibility of drowning is 20 times higher than being bitten by a shark. In the