Brazilian Hackers Mistakenly Attack NASA As Payback For NSA Spying. | Wyly Wade
NASA got an interesting surprise when 14 of their websites were taken down by an experienced Brazilian hacker. The cyberattack targeted pages by NASA's Ames Research Center, including one which contained information about the Kepler Space telescope. Although he was successful in bringing the sites down, the hacker may have accidentally targeted the wrong organization. The intended recipient would appear to be the NSA, but somehow an extra letter was incorrectly inserted into the domain name. The hacker left this passionate response on the NASA domain on Friday, explaining his motivation behind the attack: "NASA HACKED! BY #BMPoCWe! Stop spy on us! The Brazilian population do not support your attitude! The Illuminati are now visibly acting! Obama heartless! Inhumane! you have no family? the point in the entire global population is supporting you. NOBODY! We do not want war, we want peace!!! Do not attack the Syrians." Despite a misplaced letter providing us with a somewhat reasonable