South Australia achieves 19.2% rooftop solar penetration | Wyly Wade
The rapid rise of solar PV rooftops in Australia has stunned even some of the most optimistic renewable energy enthusiasts, and the most recent snapshot of the state of the solar power sector shows this momentum isn't slowing. Spark Infrastructure, one of the largest critical infrastructure investment groups in Australia, recently released a webcast that provides half-year results for growth in several areas. One of the most exciting parts of the presentation was the increase in solar PV adoption in South Australia. Currently, one in five households in the state receive power from solar rooftop installations. That equates to a residential solar penetration rate of 19.2 per cent. This is up from the penetration rate of 17.2 per cent in the same period of 2012. Solar PV adoption is still on the rise in Victoria, too, though not at the breakneck pace that has been seen in South Australia. Spark's report showed solar rooftop penetration has risen to 10.4 per cent, compared to a rate of 8