Flying over the Caspian Sea | Wyly Wade
Snow covered fields of eastern Germany and Western Ukraine. The beautiful sunset… somewhere over Germany. I have 2 more hours before reaching Dushanbe.The midnight sky over such a low population location is beautiful. I have not seen a light on the ground for over an hour. Looking out and seeing an infinite number stars and so much more. We have flown over some interesting places like Baku, Rostov-na-Donu, Kiev, Lvov, Prague and many other places. Looking at a map I find it interesting that Dushanbe is east of Kirachi even though it seems like it would be much further west. It shows you how large Russia really is we have been flying for 6 hours and yet you could fly for at least another 9+ hours and still be over Russia. This flight is brought to you by Somom Air which flies the new 737-900 but includes a bit of a touch of your grandmothers house. These are the pillows provided For a little geography and topological lesson Dushanbe is at the beginning tip of