Pistol and Rifle Shooting Range at Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club | Dubai Travel Blog
My wife and I visited the Sharjah Shooting and Golf Club for a couple of rounds of pistol and rifle shooting. If you ever wondered if there's a gun firing range in the UAE, you can head over to Sharjah. I think there are a few places in Dubai, but since we had a Buy One Get One voucher from our Entertainer App, we didn't hesitate in choosing the Sharjah club as our destination to try this activity. It was my wife's birthday and I suggested this activity as it's been one of the things she has wanted to do in a long time. We called their hotline and tried booking ahead, but the staff told us we could simply walk in. shooting area in Sharjah reception area cost of the caliber pistol and rifle rounds in the club Gun Firing Range at the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club We arrived at the location and surrendered our ID (Emirates ID or passport is fine) and filled out our details. The staff took then took us upstairs to the shooting area. Take note that this is an indoor firing range in