Petra by Night Tour Experience in Jordan | Dubai Travel Blog
If you're traveling to Jordan, you must not miss out on visiting the ancient city of Petra. It's a World Heritage Site known for its color dense, rock-cut architecture gaining the name rose-red city. One of the experiences you should also try doing is to attend the Petra by Night tour. This is a beautiful activity that you will definitely appreciate as you explore the Siq and walk towards the Treasury on candle-lit pathways. Related Post: How to Apply for a Jordan Tourist Visa in Dubai entering the Siq that leads to The Treasury lighted candles are the only source of light in this natural maze Trip Review: Petra by Night Tour in Jordan It's recommended that you go during daytime so you can fully appreciate the structure and the composition of the rocks that made this city spectacular. But another exciting time to visit The Treasury is at night when you can see the night stars. Since this area is without any electrical light source, they only use lighted candles that provide a faint