Lake Ride Experience at the Dubai Fountain | Dubai Travel Blog
After having a satisfying dinner at The Meat Co in Souk Al Bahar, my wife and I decided to try the Lake Ride experience in the Dubai Fountain. Whenever we would go and watch the dancing fountain, we would notice these abras (wooden boats) that would tour the area before and during the shows. I think after 5 years in Dubai (my wife, after 7 years), it's about time to try riding one. Lake Ride Dubai Founatain Ticket Price: 80 AED - BOOK HERE BUY LAKE RIDE TICKETS TO THE DUBAI FOUNTAIN HERE ticket counter at 80 AED per person filling the abra with people Riding an Abra in the Dubai Fountain As we bought our tickets, we were advised to go to the waiting area. There was no queue at all and we were able to get into one of the boats right away. There were about 9 of us inside the boat. The ride was but a quick one, around 20 minutes in total, but it was nice to see the fountains from a different perspective. abra in the Dubai Fountain Burj Lake ride Dubai Fountain show heading back