Fujifilm Loan Programme: Rent a Camera/Lens in Dubai for FREE! | Dubai Travel Blog
Camera enthusiasts in Dubai, did you know you can rent a Fujifilm camera or Fuji lens for FREE? Fujifilm Middle East offers a loan program where UAE residents can use a camera or lens for a specified number of days. During my recent travel from Dubai to Morocco, I was able to borrow a Fujifilm X-T2 (the newest among their mirrorless camera lineup) and an ultra wide angle lens from them. This camera loan programme has got to be included in one of those Dubai life hacks especially for photographers and for those who are fond of photography. Imagine that you can bring home a camera or a lens for you to use to help you decide when finally buying your photo equipment! Rent a Fujifilm Camera/Lens in Dubai for FREE with the Fujifilm Loan Programme How to Rent a Fujifilm Camera and/or Lens in Dubai for FREE Fujifilm Middle East is very active in the photography community in the emirate. They sponsor and conduct workshops and photowalk events for budding and seasoned photographers wanting to