UAE Ranks No.1 among Emerging HR Hubs: Survey | Dubai OFW
The emirate of Dubai -- and the UAE in general -- is no stranger when it comes to awards, especially when it comes to lifestyle. Just this year, Dubai was hailed as the most "liveable" city in the Middle East and the best city for expats. These are very impressive awards, indeed! Recently, the UAE gained yet another outstanding recognition: No. 1 emerging HR hub. This was based on a joint study by Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) and the largest HR professional society in the world, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The UAE is fast becoming a leader in the HR industry. UAE Tops Survey on Emerging HR Hubs The study surveyed a total of 835 employees of HR companies from 27 countries across the GCC region, Europe, and Asia. They were asked about their perceptions on the HR industry, as the study sought to identify emerging HR hubs as well as global HR trends. The results of the study indicates that the UAE ranks: 1st among emerging HR hubs (outranking Singapore and Malaysia)