Compassion | Dr Shamsher Singh Eye Hospital Khanna | Punjab | India
This is an anecdote of those days when there were not many eye surgeons around and eye surgeries were not daycare surgeries as they are these days. For example, after a cataract surgery, patients stayed in the hospitals from five to seven days. Dr Shamsher Singh's Hospital was a 100 bedded hospital but there were many times when the overflow of patients would require extra temporary tents to be erected in the hospital grounds. Surgery cases usually were kept away from infected cases like those of corneal ulcers. That day, I had just comeback from the hostel and my father, late Dr Shamsher Singh had just finished with a long surgery list and a even longer out patients list. He asked my mum and me to stay ready to go to Ludhiana as he was exhausted and wanted to get away from any more work. We waited in the car as he finished his last couple of cases and sat in the driver's seat. He had driven barely a couple of feet when an oldish looking man with a stick in hand threw himself on the