Special Day ! What Changed?
Hello Lords, For today's post i choose a touchy subject, something that happened 4 years ago and changed my life forever ! Today, 10 October 2017, mark the day that i took a tuff and crazy decision, which changed my life. Precisely 4 years ago, i was catching a flight to Düsseldorf, to start my new life from the scratch, in Germany, with a lot of tears in my eyes, and hopes in my bag ! What Changed !? Safe to say, 80% of my life ! In fact, if that didn't happened, i wouldn't be here with a blog or even as an influencer in Instagram, because all of that started there. I learned a lot with this experience, and as much difficult that it is, i look back with a smile in my face and the conscience that i became a men, when i step my foot out of that plane in Germany. As much as i can say, you will never understand how hard and complicated it is, if you never changed country before. So trust me, it is F****** hard ! It was in Germany that i learned to be myself, to embrace myself, and to