How should you look into Fashion?
Fashion Chronic - DPstyle Lords, Many of you are asking this same question in your head, when looking into so much variety and personalisation of styles now a days ! I should say that, this is my opinion, and the way i think you should see this Fashion world ! You should look into Fashion in a art form ! Fashion is creation, diversity, personality ! If you look into the best designers in the Fashion World, they all express their personality in their designs, and because we are all different, that results always in something unique ! Creation is one of the most important things in this world, because without it, the world stops, all life stops because nothing new comes out, nothing different will happen… and do you think that is a good world to live in ? No! We need change and creation everyday in our lives, as small as it could be ! So, think with me: If you look into Fashion with a 80's mentality, you will always questioning why that guy is using pink, why is he using distressed