Let Your Light Shine! | Doubtless Living
Have you ever entered a room only to learn that the light bulb has burned out and you stand there in the darkness wondering if you are alone or not? Or maybe you're halfway into the room when someone turns out the light and you have to stumble and fumble your way back to the light switch. Or perhaps in still another situation you find that multiple bulbs have failed and only a few lights remain, so the room is dimly light and even dark in places. Which situation is more frustrating to you? To me it's the dimly lit room because I can see but not well enough. I'm present, but my effectiveness is impeded because my vision is impaired. Imagine how it must have felt for Jesus to see people who were once brightly lit with the knowledge and presence of the Word of God but the light has flickered, fluttered and burnout. That's the situation we encountered in our focal passage today from Luke 8:16-21. Jesus, following on the heels of His explanation of the parable of the soils, is now trying