Texting from Your Computer |
For a couple of years, I have been using a good Chrome Browser Add-on called Mighty Text, found at The big basic is that it allows you to hook it up to your phone and send text messages from your computer. This works on your Android device and your PC. This makes it very convenient when you work in an office, as you and I get occasional text messages. You do not have to pull out your phone and type a response if you can call it typing on that tiny keyboard. Instead, you can simply type on your computer's large convenient keyboard while reading the messages on your monitor. It works in the browser and also gives you popups when you get a text if the browser is open. You can also send pictures, emojis and even animated gifs along to your friends. It syncs your photos from your phone's camera to the Mighty Text site. That way you can store your photos in the cloud on Mighty Text. There are several other interesting features available in the Pro version. MightyText Pro