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Before I start today's topic I will answer emails I have received this from a couple of readers. "Are you going to write about which computer I should purchase for Christmas?" Sorry, but no for a couple of reasons. First, I stopped doing this several years ago because they always sounded the same. Next, it is fairly easy; purchase a good brand with the biggest numbers you can afford. By, "numbers" I mean hard drive size, amount of RAM, number of ports, most pixels on the monitor, etc. Third, due to the dates of the holidays this year, this is my last column until the second week of 2018 so there is no time. I will answer this, to the outrage of many, "If money were no object what computer would you buy right now?" If the first part of that statement were true, I would get the latest Microsoft Surface Pro version available. I have used older versions (two years old) and they are very good. That being said, some of them have a higher price tag than an Apple system which started