2015-08-17 Show Notes |
Had several callers and lots of talk. I hope you didn't miss it. WSVA has changed ownership and the new podcast format is not ready for prime time, so it is not currently available. Hopefully next month. Enjoy the notes from today. Ron's Android App Recommendation (This app can be found on Google Play from your Android phone, tablet or viewed on your PC from the link below.)Aldiko Reader This is, in my opinion, currently the best eBook reader for Android. Sorry only available for Android devices at this time. It has many features that the biggies do not, go to the main website, for the FAQ. The one that I like most is that you can save and access the books you are reading via Dropbox. This allows you to start and stop on the same place in the book no matter which device you are reading from. Also, it has many, many settings you can adjust to your liking. One of the only Apps I say are worth paying the $3-$4 to have a premium license for