Printing from the Cloud, Part 1 |
Several weeks ago after a column about Google Chromebooks, I received a great question from a reader and friend of mine, Joe. Joe asked about how he could set up Google Cloud Printer on his Chromebook. After I researched and set it up I started receiving many other emails concerning the same question, so here we go. If you have heard about it before, Google's "Cloud Print" feature sounds great. It will allow you to print documents to any printer having cloud print set up from anywhere in the world. This is really convenient. There are several things you must have to do this. First, you must have a Google/Gmail account. Next, a computer that is online and physically connected to the destination printer; obviously, they must work together at that location. Also, for this to work both the destination computer and printer must be on, or you cannot print to them. The reason for this is that you will actually be sending the file you want to