20 Quotes That Define What It Means To Be Emotionally Intelligent - Dots Crazy
There’s a lot of talk about Emotional Intelligence these days. Do we have it? How much? And what exactly is it? Well, Since 1995, the release of Daniel Goleman’s international best-selling book Emotional Intelligence, we’ve come to understand that emotional intelligence (EI), and emotional quotient (EQ), is defined by a person’s ability to identify emotions (be it in themselves, or others). As well, it also involves being able to recognize just how powerful of an effect those emotions have on our lives, along with using that information to inform and direct behavior. And emotional intelligence is a marker of good mental health. So since we’re into health (both physical and mental) here at FAQsPedia, we thought that rather than bore you with a bunch of scientific papers that explains this integral aspect of our emotional lives – we’d let some of the most influential, and intellectual minds in history eloquently articulate it for you in some very inspiring quotes. Their words will help you reflect on your own emotional intelligence, bringing you deeper into your own humanity from which that knowledge will influence you to grow.