DISCOVER | Soul/Hip-Hop Trio Hawk House -
Let your mind run (or walk) free, as Hip-Hop newcomers Hawk House bless you with their laid-back, soulful and conscious rap sound. This London based trio, comprised of brothers Sam and Eman Croydon, and soulful female presence Demae Chioma Wodu, have been creating some buzz across the pond with their chill 90’s vibe and dynamic flows, and many people (including ourselves) finding them to be reminiscent of the famed and triumphant Hip-Hop group of the mid-90s, The Fugees. Towards the end of 2014, Hawk House put out probably one of our favorite Hip-Hop releases from a rising music act, entitled A Handshake To The Brain. The mixtape expressed mature stories and thought provoking tales of adolescence and its ideals, while simultaneously revealing itself as a science lecture series or audio book, featuring a narration throughout. It’s the groups second release and showcases their phenomenal lyricism for those Hip-Hop fans who like conscious music that doesn’t surpass its own message, but hits the nail on the head with relatability. With the rapid fire flows from both Sam and Eman, and soulful switch up between singing and rapping from Demae, Hawk House is a force to be reckoned with. Standout tracks for us are “My Mind Is [...]