Get A Sneak Peek of William 874X | Donna McDonald
Coming July 19 - Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined #5 It's been a while since I wrote a cyborg romance. Wow, have I missed these guys! Meara and William's story is as turning out to be as intense as I anticipated. The cyborgs are getting closer to discovering the identity of Dr. Kyra Winter's evil counterpart, the mysterious Creator X. Meara and William got cybernetic upgrades. A drunken, disappointed Meara immediately made step-dancing guard bots with hers. A frustrated Will immediately lied to Meara about the bots and shut them down on her. And that was just the first few chapters... Since I've been working on this story for a while now, I have quite a bit written that I can start to share with you. Each week I'll post a PG13 email-worthy snippet in a post and provide a link to the next whole R rated chapter with no filters. The chapters will be located on my website so you can even read them on your phone if you want. Sound like fun while you wait for release day? Good. Now if you'll