Undiscovered Native American Photographer Recaps the "Hippie Days" in Oklahoma - DOJO ZINE | Art. Culture. Music Magazine.
Rick Daily was kind enough to sit down and go through his old trunk of photos and some memories with me. Through spending a year in a teepee to run ins with the law, Rick Daily has seen a lot. I recognized a lot of parallels. The photographer/ printshop owner started his own music magazine in Oklahoma in the late 70’s. Before the magazine, Rick went to jail for 90 days in McAlester, Oklahoma. He was brought up for making change for a friends $5 matchstick box of pot. Giving someone change made him an accomplice. He said to me, “I don’t think i ever shook it off. It gave me some kind of syndrome. I was going to be a lawyer. Now Im a screen printer.” We were lucky enough to have Rick share a few of his images with the world. He can be contacted through MicahPetrone (at)…Continue Reading