The Final Days of Death By Audio: Photo Book By Ebru Yildiz - DOJO ZINE | Art. Culture. Music Magazine.
Esteemed music photographer and one of our favorite people put out a photo book on the final days of Death By Audio. She attended nearly every night of the 75 day party that ended the ride. The gloriously, grimy Williamsburg venue Ebru detailed is displayed in 200 pages of emotion, love and excellence that defined the venue that in some way represented the death of the DIY esthetic umbrella that once encapsulated the first train stop outside of Manhattan. The escape from the city. Exceprt from the website: WE’VE COME SO FAR – THE LAST DAYS OF DEATH BY AUDIO’ by Ebru Yildiz Death By Audio was the beloved underground venue that existed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 2005 until 2014, during the early-aughts Williamsburg heyday as a hub of DIY music and artistic activity in NYC. Housing a music venue, a guitar effects pedal company, a recording studio, and the…Continue Reading