The Best People and Fashion from NYC Gov Ball 2016 - DOJO ZINE | Art. Culture. Music Magazine.
How do NYC fashionistas cope with hot summer days, chilly evenings and even torrential downpours? With style, comfort, and an IDGAF attitude. Festival goers traded in their flower crowns (finally!) for chokers and collars. Florals, prints, and bright colors added a chic flair to the typically tough, all black NYC look. Although, there was still an abundance of denim, black, and leather. This is NYC after all. This summer, lace and fringe were upgraded to ruffles and pleats. Modesty and practicality beat out the classic booty shorts and bikini look seen at Coachella. The teen scene didn’t quite get this memo. Flash tats, pastel hair and french braids were everywhere. Sundresses, sandals and scarves were abundant. Well done NYC, you looked great, and you even managed to pack your ponchos. A note to other festival goers: keep it simple, keep it chic, and always wear waterproof makeup. Scroll down for…Continue Reading