Making a mosaic dish from CD pieces is a very ingenious idea. It is quite easy to make a mosaic-designed dish that has an image like an art piece. You can mosaic any CD you can buy from old CD's or stationery by shredding. Then you can make various decorative ornaments with these mosaics. Mosaic ornaments are always an art-performing and engaging designs. Mosaic ornaments can be made of various materials. I wanted to share a costless example of decorating if you had the lowest cost or even your home material. Take a small piece of CD that you do not use. Stick the bright parts out on a regular basis over the face you are decorating. Do not affix CD parts adjacent to each other. There must be very light gaps between them. When you have finished the glueings in this way, you will be creating a very beautiful art product. You can proudly show everyone this mosaic art with CD pieces. With a very attractive and elegant look you can both gift and use it.