We all throw away the cartons of the eggs we bought, right? but now I will give you an idea that you can decorate many things with these roses. You can use these roses in many ornaments besides the mirror frame. You can also decorate a photo framework. The following materials are made from 12 li egg shells. There are differences according to the number of eggs in each egg. You can use the coloring as you like while painting. Materials – Egg Carton – Acrylic paint – Glue – Cardboard cardboard – Mirror Scissors Brush – How to Build As you can see in the pictures, we cut the excesses in the middle .. Bring the remaining parts to the flowers as you see them in the pictures .. 3 different sizes of your flowers . Paste them from the background as you see in the pictures. Let's glue it inside and stick it in. Now the roses are ready. If you want to paint, you can paint it more easily than putting it in roses or inside. Paste it in the area you will use after the dry. If you are going to make