Today we will show you a great design that you can use again. What do you think of the rustic curtain rings that you have not used in your home or are outdated? Here is how to decorate lamps with curtain rings … Materials: – Bulb, – Rustic curtain ring, – Colorful paints, – Glue, – Pendant lighting cable Fabrication: Paint the curtain rings, which are clean and polished, in the colors you like. Pass the curtain rings through the ear wire after the painting process is finished. If it looks good, glue the curtain rings upside down. Let the people go through the cable and fix the bulb. That's it ! Now you have a wonderful lamp design. Your guests who come to your house will ask you how you did it and they will disturb you very much. If you have design ideas like this, do not forget to write down and share with us. source: