The kids love to play with the snowman! How to make a snowman toy? In the article describing the picture, we explained the structure of the snowman step by step by using the picture book. Materials Scissors Broadband adhesive needle yarn White socks button colored fabrics brass or fiber Cut the pair to the two in the picture. Attach the heel of the stock from a firm, non-sticky yarn. Pass the parcel bands through the barn, so you can make the rice more comfortable, you do not need the parcel band if you use the fiber, fill the barn directly. (If you want to make a toy, we recommend you to use fiber so that the rice is not wasted.) Connect the rope from the head and neck. Come on, get your ingenuity in touch! in the decoration section of our snowman. Cut a piece of fabric that you did not use in a thin strip, and make your snowman a scarf. Head your snowman with the finger part of the sock. source : pinterest