Creating clay animals is a lot of fun and makes a perfect hobby or training exercise for small artists in your home. You can use the cradle to make any animal or object you think or you can imagine, but we'll review the construction of the cat in this article in this article. Step 1: Collect the required materials. To create your kitten, get the kills from your favorite colors. Good choices can be brown, black, pink, red and yellow clay. With cutlery and similar materials you can draw details on the catheter Various tissues and colors make your cat look amazing. Step 2: Shape the body with a large piece of clay. This cat will be your body. Then squeeze the tops slightly to create an egg-shaped body. To add more detail to the belly, flatten the pink clay with an egg shape that is slightly smaller than the body. Then paste it on your torso. Step 3: Make a small ball for the head. When you stick it on the upper part of your body, use something like a toothpick to replace it. Step 4: Make