Wheelbarrow decor Do it yourself madness goes on full speed as everytime! As you know home economy is one of the most important thing in the life. Then we have to be careful about money spending. And we should make our own home materials ourselves from now on. Were you knowing you can save money fastly by doing home made materials and goods. Today we are going to show you how can create a mini garden from wheelbarrow for kids! You only need a few materials to do that. Are you wondering more? Let's do it then. Needed Materials: * Wheelbarrow * Soil * Mini toy home * Mini stones and home materials and toys like in picture * Watering bin * Plants and flowers Steps: 1. Fill the wheelbarrow with soil. 2. Add mini materials,home and stones like in picture. 3. Erect the plants and flowers to soil. That's all dear readers! Now you can give your amazing gift to your cute kid. He can care his first garden for days easily. So long! source :