DIY a tire can be an armchair too Do it yourself popularity goes on full speed like all the time today, too! As you know of course home economy is a really important point in our lifes dear readers. Were you knowing that you can create spectacular seat designs for your sweet home? Yes, you are not wrong you can do it! You may design and create your own amazing armchair by yourself in a few minutes only! We will show you now how you make your own seat for home! You only will need a few materials to create it. Do you want to read more about this brilliant idea? Let's go below: Needed Materials: * Rubber tires * Adhesive glue and brush. * Wooden panel * Big rope * Nail and nailing machine Steps: 1. Follow the template like showed in pictures. 2. Overlap the rubber tires and put the wooden panel over. 3. Stick one nail to middle of panel and apply the glue over panel. 4. Apply the glue to tires and wind around rope. 5. Leave to dry. Look at that spectacular seat ! It's done and ready to