First we take our tangerine and cut it thinly from the bottom, so let's also say that the section we call lower is the non-gripped part of the latch. We chose not to cut the other side because the thick section is the handle section, and from behind we remove the latches from the inside so that the latch remains only as a shell. At this stage, we need to take care not to change the shape and shape of the mandarin shell. In the next step, we open a hole through the handle of our mandarin shell with the help of a needle, and we are going through a candle struggle from this hole. At this point, we put the wax in the wick to put the oil to put in order to prevent leakage of the candle wick to close the hole so we are careful to set. For this you can knot the wax rope from the inside. After placing the wax wick, we pour some olive oil into the tangerine shell we prepared. What we need to be aware of here is that the wax cushion completely covers the oil. Because if the candle-wicked