The colorful skirt bridal models, one step ahead of the colorful bridal models that appeared in anticipation of the year 2018, seem to attract attention from many bridal candidates this season. The colorful skirt bridal gowns that catch up with all types of bridal gowns, as well as the ombre bridal gown models, will be preferred especially at weddings made at the countryside and party style. One of the points to be aware of when choosing colorful skirted bridal gowns that are mostly used in different colors such as powder pink, baby blue, soft gray, yellow and orange tones is to keep the wedding dress model simple. The boots that boast most of the colorful skirt wedding dresses (ombre) models are boho bridal models of course called BoHo style. The bohemian bridal models that reflect comfortable, natural and original differences are in your hands while keeping the skirts of these models in color by adding simple skirts and plain skirts.