The Magic and Mayhem of Making Meringue | Divas On A Dime
Meringue is a light, airy and beautifully sweet dessert, originally from France, made from stiffly whipped egg whites and sugar. It's actually really simple to make, yet people seem to think it's very a difficult and temperamental technique. When you see how easy and cheap this is you'll never buy meringues from the store again! There are three main types of meringue: French meringue, Swiss meringue and Italian meringue. And I'm going to tell you the difference, what they're used for and how to make them all. Diva Tip – It's extremely important to keep the yolks separate from the whites. Fat from egg yolk will prevent egg whites from beating properly. When separating eggs, take care that no yolk gets in the whites. To avoid an accident, use the Three Bowl Method. Separate each egg white into a cup or small bowl before transferring the yolk to a second bowl and the whites to a third bowl. Use any white that has even a speck of yolk in it