Homemade Sugar-Free Limoncello | Divas On A Dime
The first time I had Limoncello was many years ago during our cruise ship days. To this day with each sip, the flavor takes me right back. We were in Italy on the Isle of Capri in the Gulf of Naples. An amazingly picturesque island with craggy white cliffs, cobalt blue water and the constant bustle of small boats coming in and out of the Marina Grande. With the sun warming our shoulders, we strolled around the Piazza and through the narrow streets looking at the shops filled with exquisite Italian leather shoes and designer clothing. Around every corner we were greeted with the smell of espresso or creamy gelato in a rainbow of colors and bakeries that filled the air with the scent of butter and almond. So quintessentially Italian, you'd expect to see Sofia Loren lounging next to her Vespa sipping a cappuccino wearing huge sunglasses and of course, capri pants. We enjoyed a late lunch in a little open air restaurant overlooking the