Beauties and Beasts at MoPA | Diva Barbarella
In the atrium at the Museum of Photographic Arts It was Rosa who suggested we check out the show. At first I was hesitant: I hadn't been to MoPA in years, and the last few shows I'd seen had been all about the history of photography, whereas I'm more interested in contemporary photographic artwork. Not to say I haven't found that there — I still remember the phenomenal installation-filled exhibition of Robert and Shanna ParkeHarrison's show, The Architect's Brother. That was in 2004, the same year David's work was exhibited in the museum's atrium. Low Tide, the image from ParkeHarrison's The Architect's Brother exhibition that we own Since then — aside from a handful of exceptions — I couldn't shake the feeling that all the big donors had boners for history and process, or documentary and commentary, more than contemporary art. Which is all well and good, but I don't want to see the world's oldest photo as much as I want to be introduced to the latest artistic interpretation of the