Heavy Silence | Diva Barbarella
A page from my journal "Why do you think it's always boys and never girls who go on these mass-shooting rampages?" I asked David, mostly rhetorically, because I already had my answer. "I think I know why; shooters are mostly suicidal teens, right? Suicidal tendencies go hand-in-hand with depression, but there's one major difference between girls and boys — girls want to be liked and admired, while boys want to be respected and feared. But the underlying goal is the same, and that's to drastically change what they think other people think of them." David nodded at my armchair-psychologist hypothesis and I nodded back. Then I un-paused the NOVA episode we'd been watching, titled "Mind of a Rampage Killer." The PBS science show is one of the few programs we have set to record on our DVR. While I enjoy hearing scientific speculation about life in ancient Egypt and learning research-based information such as what's really happening beneath the surface of the earth during major quakes, it's