In the News | Diva Barbarella
The original color shot of us in the Cetto wine cellar. So, a few weeks ago David and I went down to Baja for a few days, mostly to scout for arts stories to feature on Art Pulse TV, though I ended up writing a couple of FEAST entries because, well, food. I have one more to do, expect it soon. I post those on the Reader site first, and then they show up here. But back to what I was talking about. During our visit, we met with several leaders of arts organizations in the L.A. Cetto wine cellar in Tijuana. It was an inspiring afternoon, and David and I were excited to learn about all of the many arts-related ventures south of the border. What we didn't realize, was that while we were researching for our show, someone else was researching for a story. Our visit made the news in T.J. Now, I'm not sure how good your Spanish is, but there's a quote at the end of this story attributed to David. Those are, indeed his words, but they were not given in the context of an interview. David had