#VanLife, Here I Come! —
Y’all. I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. I leave this weekend to live in the Teton Sports #YourLead van for a spell. Two weeks of traveling with no makeup or showers, only wearing running clothes, and exploring all the places and meeting all the people? Yes please! Here are the down-and-dirty details. Who Heidi, a Teton Sports ambassador, fellow ultra runner, and all-around badass Teton Sports, the brains behind the #YourLead van trip Wilderness Press, the people behind my paycheck Sportsman’s Warehouse, the outdoor retailer where we will be holding events Gear Forward, an organization that collects gently used backpacks and outdoor gear for children in need What The #YourLead van will crisscross the country, stopping at Sportsman’s Warehouse locations for events, hosting hikes and meet-ups on trails, and collecting gear for Gear Forward. And giving people a taste of what van life is all about. I’ve been invited as Wilderness Press to be Heidi’s +1 for two weeks, documenting the trip, hanging out with some of our authors, and showing off some of the best trails in our guidebooks! When Saturday! As in 4 days from now! *squeals* The fun ends for me July 2nd. Where Down by the river, of course! Heidi will pilot the van throughout the summer, traveling to places from Arizona to Montana to Canada. I meet up with the van in Flagstaff, then travel to Lake Tahoe, Bend, Portland, and Seattle, hitting epic trails found in our books along the way. Why Is this even a question? Because van life is the best life! How The #YourLead van is a retrofitted Ford Transit, lovingly hand-crafted by the Teton Sports dudes. It is so awesome inside! Like, reclaimed wood awesome. We will eat, sleep, and work (and maybe party) from this trusty steed. If the mood strikes, we will grab our Teton Sports gear and sleep under the stars. If I already annoy you with my oversharing, just go ahead and mute me for the summer. I have many more trips coming up. There’s your one warning. #SorryNotSorry If you want to follow along and experience the ups and downs of living in a van, do me a favor (fun fact—I hate the phrase “do me a solid” because it makes me think of someone crapping and handing it to me) and show some love to my work accounts—@wilderness1967 on Twitter, @wildernesspress on Instagram. You can also follow @yourlead_van on Instagram and Twitter for all our collective awesomeness. If you live somewhere between AZ and WA and see us on the road, flag us down and let’s hang out! Related