Practicing Portion Control with Chobani Simply 100 Crunch —
Y’all. I have a (not so) serious problem. I love food. I am incapable of portion control. I clearly need to always be actively training to run stupid-long distances, because I always eat as if I am about to run 100 miles. This is fantastic when I’m actually training for ultras, because I properly fuel with enormous amounts of vegan and vegetarian goodies. And nachos. And coffee. However, while my body may take breaks between races, my appetite doesn’t. I cannot seem to stop myself from eating all the things, all the time. You’d think that cooking with only veggies and grains, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. And you’d be correct. Except that I also pay no attention to serving sizes. In Tanya’s world, there are two serving sizes—zero food, lots of food. There is no middle ground. “This meal serves 5-8.” “Healthy dinner for the whole family.” Ok, get in my belly. I mean, they call them serving suggestions for a reason. Right? My personalities and I can count as a family, so let’s dig in! Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in me trying (but not really, if we’re being honest) to lose the same pesky 10 post-Pinhoti pounds since the holidays. Pounds that had once been solid muscle have since melted into cottage cheese-y cellulite goodness. Topped with freshly ground black pepper and a dash of sea salt. Full disclosure—I’ve always been insatiable. I’ve won food-eating competitions, been cut off at all-you-can-eat restaurants, and can pack away ungodly amounts of mashed potatoes. Alas, I was young and had a decent metabolism back then. Now I need to do silly things like work out and run for days on end to counteract my caloric intake. So since my stomach and my brain aren’t in agreement on what constitutes proper portion control, I jumped for joy when Chobani asked me to check out their Simply 100 line of Greek yogurt. A cup full of Greek yogurt and crunchy things that’s already portioned out for me? Ch’yea, Chobani! There are some foods I just can’t give up forever (looking at you, mac & cheese and pulled pork), which is why I consider myself a convenient vegan. Greek yogurt is also one of those non-negotiable foods I always have on hand. I love me some plain, full-fat, Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream, mayo, milk, cream, cream cheese, etc. It has a boatload of protein, which is a huge win if you’re not always eating meat—I assume because Greek cows produce more protein-y milk? Must be that Mediterranean diet. Luckily, Cascade Crest 100 training kicks off any day now, so my eating habits will once again be warranted. But despite running a billion miles a day, I’m going to try to make a conscious effort to keep my eating under control. Noshing on Chobani paired with some fruit will help keep the midday hangry away fo sho. Though who am I kidding? Next I want to search for Birmingham’s best tacos. Stay tuned and send me your suggestions! Related