2016 Shenanigans (So Far) —
Buenos dias, amigos! Remember that thing I sometimes do but haven’t mentioned in ages called trail running? Yeah—I still do that. A lot, actually. And I’m going to use this week to play catch-up on everything that’s happened in my running world over the past few months. Not because I think you care, but because I want to show this to my offspring and say, “Look how cool I was back in the day!” And they’ll roll their eyes and go, “We get it, The Mom,” as they fetch me my water because my legs are too tired to function. Yes, The Mom. Like The Dude. “Mom” is so…boring. I digress. February—Way back in winter, I ran the Mercedes Marathon and turned it into an ultra. Somewhere along those 30+ miles, my body armageddon-ed on me. Not to be outdone by my raging uterus (which has since been silenced—thanks IUDs!), my pesky groin/hip/back injury reared its ugly head again. I tried going to a chiropractor and resting—neither worked. March—Because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, I decided to ignore the groin and toed the start line of Lake Martin 50. Which I wisely turned into the 27-mile “fun run.” That decision didn’t come without heartache, however. I boo hoo-ed on the trail and wrote a race recap that’s coming atcha tomorrow! April—Since I was technically on the injured list, I decided to back off any major mileage and used April to “rest.” I started the month on the right foot by paying a visit to Dr. Sloan at The Farm to get my hip fixed up. She worked with me to learn how to engage my glutes and core properly—turns out that I run with my gigantic ribs pushed out, which pisses off my lower back. Which then pisses off my groin. I ran/walked Statue 2 Statue 2 Statue and lovingly embraced the hills in the city I call home. And speaking of home, we had our second annual Birmingham Women’s Trail Running Retreat. Once again, it was a sell-out and a big hit! We had 40 ladies with different backgrounds and skill levels come out to Ruffner Mountain for a fun day of playing in the woods. May—What comes after a month of rest? The Run for Kids 12-Hour race, of course (report coming)! Unlike last year, I went into the race without a mileage goal. But what should have been a relaxing day in the woods turned into a 6-hour death march when I somehow got heat exhaustion. Gotta keep things interesting! In other news, Dr. Sloan is a miracle worker with her hands. She gives one hell of a butt (SI joint) massage. You know, should you ever need one. This past weekend was the Choccolocco 50K—AKA the race on the face of the sun. It was wonderfully challenging, and I ran a strong race with minimal groin pain. Having run two ultras in May (since I skipped one in April) brings me to 5 ultras in 5 months. Not a shabby start to 2016! Cascade Crest 100—I found out a few months ago that I’d been invited to run Cascade Crest 100, an iconic race outside Seattle in August. Ever since, I’ve been counting down the weeks and silently trying not to freak out. This race feels like it’ll be a real test of my 100-miler skillz. Don’t get me wrong—Pinhoti wasn’t an easy race, and the weather made it even harder than usual. But it went so well that I almost wonder if it was a fluke. Beginner’s luck. CCC100 is a Big Girl race with Big Girl mountains. I really need to get my ass in gear over these next three months to ensure another 100 miles of smiles. So that’s pretty much it! Now to follow through and post all the race reports before I slack off again… Related