Jay Z: Rap’s Worst Friend - Digitaley
Recently Kanye West had a massive meltdown on stage. And during his usual rants, he went off on fellow rapper and friend Jay Z. Not sure why, as Kanye’s rants are mostly incoherent. And because he was later carted off to the hospital, apparently due to suffering from bipolar disorder / depression, along with exhaustion by way of Kardashian – it’s time we look into this a little deeper. It appears that his mentor, big brother, ni*ga in Paris, Jay Z, seems to suck when it comes to relationships. And this is a bit odd considering his massive success. After all, when you’re at the top, it’s nothing but easy to be nice to those down below. Then again, maybe that’s how he got there – by being a ruthless, backstabbing, friendship killing gangster. Who knows? So we’ll take a look at some of his past relationships and see how they went to figure this mystery out. It very well could mean that Jay Z is not just the baddest rapper of all time, but also, the baddest friend.