VINTAGE INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS - Design and Renovation inspiration for your Home and Garden
You may have noticed that vintage style clothing has come back in fashion. This is also the case for interior design. Retro styled rooms are no longer the mismatched combination of shagpile rugs, striped wallpaper and psychedelic wall art, but are a tasteful mix of vintage elements and artistic design. PICK YOUR ERA Each era has its own signature design elements that clearly define its style. The 1960’s was known for its psychedelic patterns, bright colours, egg-shaped chairs and circular prints. The 1970’s, on the other hand, had timber furnishings everywhere, striped wallpaper and lots of warm red, orange and yellow tones. The 1980’s introduced plenty of floral elements and muted colour pallets to interior design, while the 1990’s started to introduce a more modern design element with neutral colour pallets and an emphasis upon artistic wall art. Choosing an era that reflects your design style will allow you to add personalised retro touches to any room. GROOVY FURNISHINGS The furnishings for each era had their own recognisable colours, patterns, finishes and appeal. Many people let the architecture of their home depict their furnishing options. For example, if you have high ceilings there is the ability to hang a retro 60’s egg-chair within your living room, or possibly accentuate the room with an eye catching vintage chandelier. Lighting was a fundamental element of retro furniture décor, with pendant fixtures being prominent in the 1960’s and floor lamps with giant lampshades being a common element of 1970’s room designs. Choosing a few selective furnishings that capture a particular era of retro mixed with modern elements is a key part of making any retro design, look authentic and tasteful at the same time. BRIGHT COLOURS AND TEXTURES Nothing says retro like a combination of bright contrasting colours and textiles. Bold prints on lounges, bedding, cushions and carpets were popular design elements during the 60’s and 70’s. Another option is choosing a key colour that inspires the rest of your design. For example, if you like the colour blue you can choose an appliance, sofa, lamp or piece of wall artwork that all reflect the same colour palette. Bold splashes of colour are definitely the best thing about retro rooms! IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS OF YOUR VINTAGE PLACE THAT YOU WISH TO SHARE WITH US, COMMENT BELOW!