| Brilliant Betty
by D.A. Cairns Betty stood calmly observing the comings and goings of her friends and others as they ambled from clump to clump, biting and chewing the green grass. Marvelous! Thought Betty to herself. That's all they do. All day. Apart from swishing flies with their tails and dropping the occasional cow 'bomb' on the ground, they just walk around eating grass all day. Trudging over towards the boundary fence, Betty wondered about the meaning of life. Heavy thinking for a cow, but Betty was no ordinary bovine. Betty was brilliant! From her birth which had been quick and painless-from her point of view anyway-to her first taste of the heavenly sweetness of her mother's milk, and her then asking for a bottle of it to take away, Betty had always known she was special. Her father was a mean and distant bull whom Betty never saw much because he lived in another paddock. Her mother, a placid Jersey with the herd mentality so common in their species. Her life, very uneventful except whenever