| In the Realms of Light and Darkness: eight letters from war: 8. Cloris
8. CLORIS Hey, Paulie! There are lots of stars out tonight. They make me feel silly. Like when you and me'd get in the car, go way out into the country, and just lie in some field, listen to the crickets, drink and smoke pot and tickle, and all the rest. Tonight, before we got ready for bed, Mita and me sat on the rocks outside and looked at them. The stars, I mean. They're really cool, out here. I mean, like there's no lights, well, except for the ones around the base. But you can see, it's like a hundred miles across the water, across all the boats -- ships, I mean. I still call them boats sometimes, the officers get real p.o.ed. Mita thinks it's funny. Sure not like the city. Or the county. I never seen this much darkness back home. I wonder if it'll be like this, there. They keep showing us pictures, but I can't tell nothing from pictures. I guess I'm excited about going. I mean, who ever thought I'd get to go somewhere on a different continent, on a plane and all. Some of the